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Earn Up to 120% APR

and Shape the Future of VNX Stablecoins in DeFi

Generate impressive returns, boost yields, get incentives every week and use your voting power to define key areas of protocol development


VNX Backed and Supported by

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Introducing The VNX Community Hub

The VNX Community Hub facilitates the DeFi adoption of VNX stablecoins and created VNX tokens to empower the community to decide on the future development of VNX stablecoins and earn on its development.

While the VNX company issues the CHF & EUR stablecoins and the tokenized gold, the community decides how they are distributed in DeFi via the VNX Community application. Users who stake the VNX token can vote on critical decisions, including but not limited to token distribution, rewards allocation, and management of trading pools.
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Utilize VNX Stablecoins
Supported By Reserves

The VNX Community Hub supplements the DeFi utility of the stablecoins issued by VNX Commodities. These EUR and CHF stablecoins are supported by reserves, offering users a chance to increase their yield with non-USD stablecoins.

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Be The

Users can stake their VNX tokens to obtain veVNX tokens, which enable them to use their voting power and shape key protocol decisions including token disbursements, rewards allocation, and pool management.

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Rewarding APR

Stake your VNX tokens and lend, borrow, and provide liquidity in VNX stablecoins to generate up to 120% APR .

The Power of VNX and veVNX Tokens

The VNX Community Hub aims to bolster the adoption of VNX stablecoins in DeFi with the power of the VNX token’s unique features.
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VNX token is the backbone of the VNX ecosystem, allowing users to drive the market development of VNX stablecoins and gain on it. To unlock all unique benefits, one needs to stake VNX tokens in the VNX Community Hub App and receive veVNX.

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veVNX (voting escrow VNX) tokens can be used to vote on protocol decisions and increase returns (from 5% to 120%) by token staking and providing liquidity to encouraged pairs.

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Token Distribution

The VNX token will be launched using a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP), thereby ensuring a fair distribution of tokens. The LBP will ensure that users will be able to acquire VNX tokens at a fair price without bots and excessive dumping. Users who procure the VNX tokens can use them to trade, stake, earn yield, and participate in DeFi.
Max possible supply


Vesting / Cliff conditions
Liquidity programs
Governed by community*
VNX Platform development pool & team
Locked for 4 years in veVNX
Community event
1 year vesting*
Unlock on TGE
Project treasury
Unlocked by community voting*
Private B2B sale
1 year vesting*
1 year vesting*
*See docs for details

Maximize Your
Returns With VNX

The VNX and veVNX tokens are complemented by VEUR and VCHF
stablecoins and tokenized gold VXNAU.

Here's how you can maximize your returns
with the variety of tokens offered by VNX:

Get VNX Token
Participate in the LBP and get VNX tokens at a fair market value
Stake VNX Tokens
Stake your VNX tokens and lend, borrow, and provide liquidity in VNX stablecoins to generate up to 120% APR
Generate boosted yield
 Use your veVNX and VNX tokens along with stablecoins & tokenized gold issued by VNX to boost your yield by staking, providing liquidity, and voting on protocol decisions.
Access voting option
veVNX holders can participate in voting to make key protocol decisions including governing the incentive distributions to pools, pool addition, and token distribution.

Get The VNX Token At The Fair Launch

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